“Feel the Arts as if it were the blood that flows through your veins.”


Art. Just one word, but terribly beautiful. Maybe it’s because it transmits a lot of sensations with only three letters. Who knows..? I only know that I love art.

Art is that funny thing that flows in my veins (maybe due to my Russian-Irish mixture) since my childhood. When I was 3-4 years old, I was the youngest girl accepted in the  Pelegrim Model’s Agency from Moscow. I loved playing in front of the camera. There is so little that I remember, but fortunately, I keep the photos and is it me or when we are kids we are more adorable, aren’t we?

However, my stay in the agency was really short because we came to my sunny Valencia, near my beloved Mediterranean Sea. And between beaches and paellas (it’s funnier in Spanish, I swear), my vocation took a “siesta” until my 13 years. As a teenager, I woke up thanks to Shakespeare and the magic of theatre: A midsummer’s night dream… A wonderful play that achieved to wake up my dreams. A little bit of fairy dust?

By then, I also signed up for my High School Choir: so my both great vocations improved at the same time.

As I had my goal set, I changed of scene to  study dramatic arts at A Levels in Lluis Vives. Nothing more to say: (it was) two years that passed really fast and what I finished with distinction after a hard work. It was also a great time because I started to work as a model in some photo sessions and parades.

Next station: ESAD (Drama College of Valencia). I achieved to pass the Entrance exam and I started the new cycle very happy. I learnt a lot from great teachers and my classmates. It was a fruitful experience that I immensely enjoyed.

After ESAD I participated in some shortfilms (one I directed), a play and sang in two concerts. Finally during 2021-2022 I got the chance of starring a film by a Spanish director, Antonio Fontales. There I played two characters: two sisters very different. An awesome experience I feel so grateful.



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Model and singer

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